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This web site is for use by installers and is not intended for use by the general public.

Please use this website to complete your TERM-seal Installer Accreditation Application or access your installer documentation.

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I/We agree to keep records of TERM-seal installations, product batch numbers, allocation of a job number recorded on each job and return installation details on the TERM-seal job record sheet to TERM-seal (AUST) Pty Ltd within 30 days of job completion. (Third Party information is not Required).
I/We undertake to attend and complete the first available training course available.

Quality Assurance Undertaking

TERM-seal (AUST) Pty Ltd is dedicated to a quality assurance system through Code- Mark Certification process. All accredited installers must meet certain requirements in record keeping to ensure product tracking, and undertake to use the TERM-seal range of products and systems strictly in accordance to TERM-seal installation manuals Undertaking
I/We undertake to treat manuals, information and technology as confidential and will not divulge information, manuals or technical papers to any third party without the express written permission of TERM seal (AUST) Pty Ltd.
We further understand that the accreditation also requires training with attendance and successful completion of the training being mandatory, prior to such accreditations being granted by TERM seal (AUST) Pty Ltd.